Stephanie Jackson is a lifestyle and marketing force all her own. She started her own company, The Healthy Soul, to take her health successes to the next level. This meant reaching more people, in more places, with her her message of healthful living. To achieve a wider reach for her site we implemented a strong foundation for powerful search engine optimization early on. More importantly, social media publishing tools were made into core features that instantly and automatically pushed her blog posts and newsletters out to all the social media outlets that were relevant to her audience. These tools doubled the reach of her message and halved the time it took her to publish content to all key outlets.

To Stephanie, The Healthy Soul is more than a budding network marketing company. It is a representation of her personality and her values. For this reason she was adamant about maintaining creative control over how the site would be designed. Crucial to the effectiveness of her message was it being received and displayed to her customers no matter where they were or what device they were using. A responsive design framework was an essential first step and the comprehensive design elements available to us were iterated over many times to provide the look that best represented Stephanie’s message and unique voice. Her total satisfaction was our priority and a great success for us both.